Week #13 Sonnett

Music is the key to my happy soul

There is no other healing to my broken heart

It makes me like im whole

Music is the light that turns me on

Music is the strangest form of magic

Music can change the world

Without it the world would be tragic

Music is my kind of language

When words are failing music speaks

Without is we would be anguished

I like my music high enough to not hear you

Its crazy how music can connect souls without it we would feel blue

Music is life that is why we have a heart beat



Week #10 Inspirational Poem


You inspire me so much.

You moved to a different state

To purcue going to school.

Instead you became a mom.

Thank you for never giving up.

Thank you for being a great role model for me to follow.

Then you moved back and became a care giver.

Now you are a great mom and a great sister.

Tank you


Week #8 Digital Foot

So this weeks post is about a digital foot print and if you looked at my digital its all positive and I get that some people listen to songs that isn’t the best but that’s not necessarily a bad thing  but its not the best. All people have a different digital foot print and it can be bad or good. Even if you want go on social media its still a digital footprint. So be careful what you do online because it can be traced back to you. Fingerprints Daniel Kulinski via Compfight

Week #7 Summer Choice Post


This weeks post is about summer because its a choice post and we get to post about whatever we want and I picked summer because its coming up really fast and I’m super excited! in the summer I like to be outdoors and go swimming and hang out with family and friends.

In the summer my favorite things to do is camping and swimming because when I go camping I’m normally aloud to bring one friend. When we go camping we try to go for at least a couple weeks. Do you go camping? Every time my family and I go swimming we normally go to Clear Water River, or Fall Creek.

So when its summer time for me its really fun but mostly it sucks because I don’t get to see a lot my friends. But I also get to see a lot of my family I normally don’t get to see a lot of the time. My mom and I try to travel during the summer witch is pretty fun. Do you like summer?


Eyes Poem

Eyes are the key to the soul, when I look into your eyes I see everything you are and what u want to be. When looking into your eyes sometimes without even listening you can tell a lot of what happened or what’s happening to you. I think people are scared to look into your eyes to face the truth and face there fears.

My letter Poem

This weeks poem is going to be about not having my dad in my life. I grew up having a mom and a dad but raised having two moms and my dad wasn’t really  in the picture. People that know me know I don’t really talk about my moms unless it was in a story and my friends didn’t really ask why. When I was growing up I wasn’t ashamed of having two moms, I was more concerned about how me having two moms would affect my friends because today in this society people are very judge mental. So growing up my dad wasn’t really in the picture and I got raised by moms and I got to see my dad on the weekends and I didn’t like seeing him because it felt so different and it was so boring when I went to his house because we just watched Tv and I would always think my moms would never come back for me even know they did every time. But my dad lives in Mexico now with his family and now I never get to see him. I never felt weird because my step mom kinda played the dad figure in my life because she was the one that taught me to do all things a dad would do. So I’m so glad I had to Moms to help me through the rough times in my life.

Week #5 Family and Culture Post

This week im going to write a post about my family and how they are. My family is really supportive on my decisions in life mostly school work. When I wanted to do things in school like sports or school activities my mom was pushing me to succeed in school. When I was in 3rd-5th I was getting sent to this other class and we didn’t know why till my mom finally got ahold of my teachers and asked why, and I thought that it was because I wasn’t smart enough, but it was the advanced class and then my mom really proud like always. Also in 5th grade I did Oregon Battle Of The Books and my team lost to the winning team and my group was really disappointed that we lost. After battle of the books was over my mom also pushed me too do Orchestra and I didnt want to do it but I eneded up doing it and when I did it just came so natural and then when I went to 6th graded I joined band and im still in band. I love it because it kinda like an escape from school work. So are your parents supporting of your desisions in school?

Inside the music shopCreative Commons License judy dean via Compfight

Week #4 Lets Talk Globally

This weeks post i´m going to be posting a paragraph about racism and how it is affects people. So racism is a really hard topic to post about because so many people are getting affected by people calling them really mean names. The reason im posting this is, because people to know we are all equal! and we are all different in our own ways. Also people need to stick up for them selves and say thats not ok. So if you hear people saying mean things to people, help stand up for the them!